Seeing Double

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Seeing Double

Post by A Lotta Moms on Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:59 am

[02:19:46] WheeljackDude : Cisely: (sees the mess in the kitchen Ladonna made) Ladonna Compson! What is going on here?!
[02:21:18] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna: What's the big deal, Ma? We're just makin' babies...
[02:21:34] WheeljackDude : Cisely: You better clean up that mess in the kitchen, Ladonna! I'll get the Pine Sol...
[02:21:39] @ A Lotta Moms : It's a messy situation, indeed.
[02:21:46] WheeljackDude : Cisely hands the Pine Sol to Ladonna.
[02:21:53] WheeljackDude : Cisely: Now, clean up the kitchen!
[02:22:08] @ A Lotta Moms : Madison: Gosh darn it...just when things were startin' to get interesting.
[02:22:42] @ A Lotta Moms : Madison moseys over to the couch and plops down, pulling the quilt over her as she proceeds to channel flip.

[02:23:21] @ A Lotta Moms : Bud grabs the Pine Sol out of Ladonna's hands.
[02:23:29] @ A Lotta Moms : Opens it, and takes a great, big whiff.
[02:23:30] WheeljackDude : Suddenly... Buster jumps onto Maddie.
[02:23:33] WheeljackDude : Maddie: Hey! Get off me!
[02:24:14] @ A Lotta Moms : Cisely: Bud Tucker Compson, what evah did I tell you about sniffin' cleaning' products?
[02:24:29] @ A Lotta Moms : Bud: Hnnnnn....
[02:25:01] @ A Lotta Moms : As he continues to sniff, hopping upstairs as his I.Q. diminishes with each and every step.
[02:25:23] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Gimme!
[02:25:46] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster reaches down under the covers, fondling all over with his wandering bunnyhands until he finds what he was looking for.
[02:25:56] @ A Lotta Moms : Namely, the bag of cheese puffs!
[02:26:09] WheeljackDude : Maddie: That's MY cheese puffs!
[02:26:24] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Grarmm...
[02:26:39] @ A Lotta Moms : As he stuffs one handful after another into his round bunny head.
[02:26:58] @ A Lotta Moms : Meanwhile, Bud's collapsed on the hard, wooden floor upstairs.
[02:27:21] @ A Lotta Moms : Staring at the ceiling, which seems to be melting into a wavy, starry oblivion.
[02:27:51] @ A Lotta Moms : The Pine Sol spilling out over the floor, dripping through the cracks and down onto Ladonna's unwashed hair like raindrops.
[02:28:54] WheeljackDude : Maddie: I'm gonna give you a punishment if you don't give me back my cheese puffs!
[02:29:04] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Sorry. Here.
[02:29:12] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster hands her an empty bag.
[02:29:22] @ A Lotta Moms : Only a few stray crumbs remaining.
[02:29:38] WheeljackDude : Maddie: (becomes enraged) How dare you eat the entire bag of cheese puffs! That's it! Punishment time!
[02:29:47] WheeljackDude : Maddie sits on Buster's face.
[02:29:53] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Ye gads!
[02:30:18] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna continues to knead the Pine Sol through her hair, taking advantage of the free shower.
[02:30:54] @ A Lotta Moms : Even if it means a lifetime of taking care of her vegetable of a little brother.
[02:31:06] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster kicks and struggles.
[02:31:14] @ A Lotta Moms : But soft bunneh is soft.
[02:31:23] @ A Lotta Moms : And no match for her superior weight.
[02:31:25] @ A Lotta Moms : Or for her lazyfat ass.
[02:31:26] WheeljackDude : Buster: At least eat some crunchy Cheetos! I ate the puffs ones!
[02:31:48] @ A Lotta Moms : Too bad the cupboard's bare.
[02:32:02] @ A Lotta Moms : Which it always is with Ladonna around, regardless of how fully stocked it was at the beginning of the day.
[02:31:50] WheeljackDude : Maddie: I HATE cheese crunchies! I like cheese PUFFS!
[02:33:03] WheeljackDude : Maria: (sees Maddie sitting on Buster) Hey! You're copying me! (kicks Maddie) I'm the only one who sits on Buster's face!
[02:33:38] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Mmmmrrrffffff....
[02:33:47] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Hllllppp...
[02:34:10] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna rushes over and grabs him by the ankles, trying with all her strength to wrench him free.
[02:34:31] @ A Lotta Moms : In what turns into a tug-of-war.
[02:34:33] WheeljackDude : Ladonna: Ya okay, buddy boy?
[02:35:02] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster appears to be having an asthma attack, and reaches for what appears to be his inhaler.
[02:35:09] @ A Lotta Moms : Takes a deep whiff...
[02:35:30] @ A Lotta Moms : As the fragrant aroma of freshly-lit marijuana fills the room.
[02:35:38] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Aaaaahhhh...
[02:35:47] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna squints, her eyes reddening.
[02:36:07] @ A Lotta Moms : And the three follow in chorus, taken by the contact buzz.
[02:36:14] @ A Lotta Moms : "Aaaaahhhh..."
[02:36:27] @ A Lotta Moms : Everyone settles back on the couch peacefully.

[02:36:45] WheeljackDude : Ladonna: (opens her parents' bedroom door then screams) Mom! Mrs. Pappas! Why are you sleeping in the same bed?!
[02:37:14] @ A Lotta Moms : Cisely/Mrs. Pappas looks up, befuddled.
[02:37:42] WheeljackDude : Cisely/Mrs. Pappas: Something wrong, Ladonna?

[02:39:08] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna blinks a few times as her vision slowly adjusts.
[02:39:08] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna: Nothin', I guess. Just thought I was seein' double.
A Lotta Moms
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