Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis?

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Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis? Empty Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis?

Post by Wild Starry Moony on Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:21 pm

hey guys, so as we all know, season 20 is in the works, but four websites have realized a (fake?) episode title list. while these look fake, what would the episodes be if they were real?

1 Happy 20th Birthday Arthur!
2 Can't Touch This/Arthur's Growing Up
3 Poor Sue Ellen/Bouncer Kate
4 The Blame Game/The Name Game
5 Think Yellow/Father!
6 Words for A-Z/I Think I'm a Clone Now
7 Arthur's Superstar/All the Way to Elwood City
8 Go Fly A Plane/The Black Widow
9 King of the Legend Arthur/Super Buster
10 The End

The Official Hate Ladonna Compson Thread

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Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis? Empty Re: Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis?

Post by MatthewHecht on Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:04 pm

1. I think that would be a flashback episode where the characters remember the good times of third grade. The 20th birthday part would just be in the title.
2. I am thinking that it means someone has a cool toy and someone wants o steal it (a remake of Nerves of Steel)/ Arthur is the last one to hit a growth spurt, and it discusses how each person gets bigger at different times. Also in it the Reads use a family measurement door, which says D.W. is well bigger than Arthur than when he was 4.
3. A really bad episode I suspect/ Kate and Pal think a bouncy house is a portal to an alternate dimension where babies and dogs are in charge until Nemo invades.
4. Buster blames Fern for a mistake he makes and Fern seeks out revenge./ Binky, Muffy, and D.W. wonder if they will have to abandon their nicknames when they grow up.
5. Brain tries to make a blueprint for machine to harness the sun's power. He gets terribly frustrated and gives up on science (talked out of it later)./ Rattles spends a day with his stepfather.
6. When writing Fern wonders why some letters are used less often than others. She tries to write a story that maximizes their use. She eventually decides personal goals are not as important as god writing./ D.W. tricks the Tibbles into thinking the are clones. They then try to turn James into another clone of themselves.
7. Arthur gets a gold star for some school assignment, but he wonders if it really means anything since everyone gets at least one once a month by school rule./ Francine tries to skate from Crown City to Elwood City.
8. Buster goes on a week long trip with his dad./ Binky almost puts a shoe on until he notices a black widow in it. He tries to overcome his fear of what he cannot see.
9. Arthur reads King Arthur, and surprisingly dislikes it. He is mocked for it, and he wonders if it is bad that he cannot appreciate it. /Buster tries to get Brain to make him a super suit. Brain obviously calls it impossible. Freddy Kay makes an appearance.
10. Bionic Bunny series had a terrific ending, but it is uncancelled and the new episodes/movie sucks completely. Arthur, Buster, and maybe Fern keep seeing merchandise for the new terrible ones (with a notably different art style and poster characters). They try to not wreck it for the people who lie to themselves that the new one is good, while finding somewhere that still sells the older works.
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Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis? Empty Re: Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis?

Post by Kerry9Story on Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:14 am

u trickin.

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Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis? Empty Re: Arthur S20 *FAKE* episodes synopsis?

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