Favorite song lyrics

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Favorite song lyrics

Post by pokemonlover731 on Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:42 am

What are your favorite lyrics here are mine

As in heaven as on earth
We've been dead since our birth- Hollywood Undead (city)

And what about our friendship?
And what you did was senseless
You thought you found an exit
Like I said, let's end this-Hollywood Undead (The Loss)

Don't even try to take this weapon from me
I like you more and more the lesser you breathe- Hollywood Undead (Kill Everyone)

We all die a little sometimes, it’s alright-Hollywood Undead ( Outside)

They say,
Take the pill
In god we trust
Go and kill
God loves us
As in life as in death
Breathing 'til there is no breath-Hollywood Undead ( City)

Now I must admit that I have played a part
In the way that things have gotten out of hand-Simon Curtis(pit of Vipers)

I wont let you say Goodbye and I'll be your reason why- Skillet (the last night)

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Re: Favorite song lyrics

Post by Arthur 2014 2 on Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:44 pm

crazy bus come with us as we ride ride ride ride
Arthur 2014 2
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Re: Favorite song lyrics

Post by Kerry9Story on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:16 pm

Hit$ from the b0ng
Hit$ from the b0ng
Hit$ from the b0ng
Hit$ from the b0ng

Pick it, pack it
Fire it up, come al0ng
And take a hit from the b0ng
Put the blunt down just for a second
Don't get me wrong it's not a new method
Inhale, exhale
Just got a ounce in the mail
I like a blunt or a big fat cone
But my double barrel bong is gettin' me stoned
I'm skill it, there's water inside don't spill it
It smells like shit on the carpet
Still it, goes down smooth when I get a clean hit
Of the skunky funky smelly green shit
Sing my song, puff all night l0ng
As I take hits from the bo0g

Hits from the b0ng y'all
Gonna get high
Hits from the b0ng
Gonna get high
Hits from the b0ng
Gonna get high
Hits from the b0ng

Let's smoke that bowl, hit the b0ng
And then take that finger off of that h0le
Plug it, unplug it
Don't strain, I love you Mary Jane
She never complains, when I hit Mary
With that flame, I light up the cherry
She's so good to me, when I pack a fresh bowl I clean the screen
Don't get me stirred up the smoke, through the bub-bling water
Is makin' it pure so I got ta', take my hit and hold it
Just like chong, I hit the bowl and I reload it
Get my four-footer and bring it 0n

Hit$ from the b0ng

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Re: Favorite song lyrics

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:31 pm

This is old, but I like giving life to old things!

"We fight every night for something,
When the Sun sets we're both the same:
Half in the Shadows,
Half burned in Flames." Tamer - Beautiful Crime.

"One in a million, you got to burn to shine, but you were
Born under a bad sign, with a blue moon in your eye." Alabama 3 - Woke up this morning

"My hunger burns a bullet hole,
A Spectre of my mortal soul.
The only truth that I can see...
The Spectre's come for me." Radiohead - Spectre

"Over hill,
And under tree,
Through lands where never light has shone,
By silver streams that run down to the sea!
To these memories I will hold,
With your blessing, I will go,
To turn at last to paths that lead home.
And though where the road then takes me,
I cannot tell.
We came all this way, but now comes the day to bid you farewell." Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye

"His days of asking are all gone.
His fight goes on and on and on.
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all.
So he strikes like Thunderball." Tom Jones - Thunderball


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Re: Favorite song lyrics

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