Okay, I'm Pissed Now

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Okay, I'm Pissed Now

Post by Snowth Poogle on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:37 pm

I know I'm in a minority here (and sad, sad minority), but I love(d) Internet Explorer, I really did - I really feel like it was the best browser there was. I always hated Firefox: they way it always distorted the layouts and themes of sites, making text and fonts look all weird and wonky, and the tabbed browsing is something I hate (so annoying, so cluttered). And there was no chance in hell I was ever going to use Chrome: Google is the Hitler of the internet, they don't need any further support from me (especially after they've screwed people like myself over so many times on YouTube).

But, unfortunately, Microsoft has been in the process of phasing out IE altogether in favor of a new browser that's exclusive to Windows 10 and up (I'm still using 7 because it's the best; 8 and 10 suck), but I planned on using IE for as long as I could until there was an absolute necessary reason for me to switch. And as of this week, it finally happened. Because IE is on its way out anyway, there's a number of sites out there that are dropping support for that browser altogether, so there's always been a few little issues and glitches on certain sites here and there that I've been able to work around, but YouTube has been unforgiving. Now, granted, YouTube's always hated IE, and has always been stooping to passive aggressive measures to get people to switch to Chrome, but I never fell for any of it. More recently, they redesigned the video player again, and this time around, they intentionally left out key playback options on the player in IE: all but 360p and 720p; that meant, if available, you couldn't watch videos in 480p or 1080p. But all was not lost - I was able t keep using the previous video player by keeping YouTube on my Compatibility Mode list, so I could continue to watch videos in other playback resolutions. Unfortunately, YouTube has continuously been bypassing Compatiblity Mode all this time, but whenever that would happen, I was always able to manually remove YT from the list, then add it again, and that would fix it. Well, unfortunately, they managed to find a way to disable video playback in Compatibility Mode altogether; and because YT is a site that I use frequently on a daily basis, that meant I had no other choice but to switch browsers.

I'm so pissed.

I decided to go with Opera. I know it's relatively new and infant, but I find that it actually looks and behaves quite similarly to IE, just without all the bells and whistles that came with IE (oh, and there's the tabbed browsing, which I hate, but I read that Opera recently did away with the option to turn it off).

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Re: Okay, I'm Pissed Now

Post by Kerry9Story on Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:22 am

used use IE too but shits b0rked as fuck now >_< i been tryin go half sites an shit crash. still usein FF but IDK mabbe 3dge gonna be better soon. i hope at least. Crying or Very sad

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