College Arthur:

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College Arthur:

Post by In_Correct on Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:51 am

Arthur: He now wears his more modern glasses similar to the ones seen in "Through The Looking Glasses". He also acts more confident even though he annoys buster. Music scholarship. And even though Pal has probably died by the time that Arthur finished his masters degree, he has bred many dogs from Pal and some other dog ... they have many dogs that Arthur's parents have to feed while he is at college.

Buster: Even though Arthur was the one to struggle with his weight in elementary school, Buster's bad habits finally catch up to him. He ends up with type 2 diabetes and has to keep motivating himself to exercise. Buster has had to go to summer school many times over the years. He became more of a neat freak. His mother urged him to get a job publishing comic books, but he also wants to become a sailor or perhaps drive a cargo blimp, or even train, inspired by his father.

Francine: Was selected to go to University on an athletic scholarship, but not the one of her choice. Had dated Arthur and even got married to each other but they had a hard time living together because of the religious differences. They now seek a marriage counselor.

Muffy: Not quite as famous as a donut, Works at the family business, and gets an honorary degree for donating to the University, but never actually took any classes. (just like her father.) She tried to run for politics but lost to LaDonna. Meanwhile, her father runs for politics in Elwood City and so The Crosswires live tax free.

Binky: Poor Binky. Had not only failed Mr. Ratburn's class but also failed summer school, and there was no question about it: He had to repeat Mr. Ratburn's Class again. When Mr. Ratburn accepted a 4th grade teaching position, he was in Mr. Ratburn for THREE years in a row!! He ended up dropping out of high school but ended up getting his G.E.D. and Mr. Ratburn was promoted to G.E.D. administrator. Binky ended up going to college, with the help of the admissions officer can you guess? Ultimately Binky is a security guard at The Crosswire's, after being kicked off the police force even though The Tough Customers ended up with paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Brain: He graduated high school during his junior year, placing him with his original graduating class. He is on the way to try getting his P.H.D. again. (He failed a test and dropped out in frustration.) He expanded the family business and has discovered many cures for diseases, which were quickly rejected by the local pharmacies. His medical license was wrongfully revoked.

Sue Ellen: Becomes a professor in Africa.

Fern: works at the library and also writes gothic fiction books. Later becomes a professor.

Maria: Court Clerk.

Ralph: News anchor.

Genna: Manager of a Walmart. Pizza Hut was too stressful for her.

George: He had to quit his job after getting his antlers stuck in the toilet discovering a bag of drugs clogging it. He says that Binky and The Tough Customers caused it. Goes to night school, and becomes a sculptor. In his spare time he followed Mr. Ratburn's foot steps and has puppet shows at the library. He also works at a school temporarily because he runs into The Tibble Twins.

LaDonna: Politician In Louisiana.

Prunella: Marriage Counselor, who is also psychic.

Rubella: Is now a Pagan.

Catherine: Still works at "Hamburger Castle" with her mom.

Chip: Owns a separate and rival car dealership, to the annoyance of his father. Chip is the only Crosswire who has to pay taxes.

Marina: Becomes a photojournalist, even though she is blind.

Mr. Ratburn: Worked many jobs, beginning with 3rd grade, 4th grade, G.E.D. department, and then working at the college admissions department. He then accepts a job as Binky's professor. Binky fails college and blames Ratburn.

Rodentia Ratburn: Is Kate and Mei-Lin's teacher.

Sarah Leah MacGrady: Retired, after being fed up (pun not intended) with having no staff to help her in the cafeteria.

Mr. Haney: Superintendent.

Ms. Tingley: Mr. Haney became very disorganized after she retired.

All of the other teachers are still working but got promoted.

Paige Turner: She had a lengthy recovery after moving the books to make room for more the tablet section. The other librarian is suspected to have pushed the book shelf as the bolts were missing. The other librarian is now in charge of the library and Mrs. Turner is now a school administrator. No permanent injuries sustained.

Grandma Thora: Retired.

Thora's Mother: she is still alive and able to run laps. Nobody knows how she is still alive.

Grandpa Dave: Had been in a nursing home forever. Had a problem with Molly, who is now under investigation.

Thora's Ex Husband: and Dave's Ex Wife: They are still married to each other for many years. (They got married a long time ago when David and Jane were still kids.) Thora's Ex Husband and Dave's Ex Wife are not only married to each other, but also they have had children together. Nobody in The Read Family talks about any of this.

Molly: Worked as a nurse and as a police officer, and was fired from both jobs.

The Tough Customers: At one time worked together as police officers and eventually lost their jobs because of drug smuggling. Binky got a new job as security guard while the rest of them worked as wardens.

Tenzin: Opens a motel in U.S.A..

D.W.: and W.D.: kept fighting over who gets to be student council president. Later, they become attorneys. One works prosecution and the other works defense.

Emily: Translator.

Bud: U.P.S. Driver.

Tibble Twins: Tommy drives a race car while Timmy drives a monster truck. George continued to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Ratburn and Mr. Haney but was pressured to resign twice: Once as the Tibble's teacher, and once as their principal. Mrs. Tibble was upset over the Tibble's failing and suspension and protested against George.

James: Hospital Administrator.

The Molinas: They got deported.

Mr. Sipple: Became a tour guide of Cabbage Land.

Everybody else is working at their same jobs.

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Re: College Arthur:

Post by ZeGermanArthurFan on Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:48 pm

Portia: Becomes a Rolls-Royce-Bentley saleswoman (I like imagining her with Silver Shadow IIs and Phantom VIs and such rather than the modern models)
Lydia: Becomes the coach of the Elwood City Fire Wheels wheelchair basketball team
Slink: Starts a skateboard brand with Molly, but is on his own (until Toby joins) after Molly sets out to find her biological parents (seriously, why is Mrs. MacDonald a dog, and where's her husband?)
Rattles - Seeks help on what kind of species he is, and makes a movie about him bringing the Lost Customers back together

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Re: College Arthur:

Post by Coyote_Mao on Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:43 am

In_Correct wrote:
The Molinas: They got deported.
Ouch... Hail the God Emperor Trump, I suppose? Very Happy
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Re: College Arthur:

Post by Muffy Crosswire on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:13 am

In_Correct wrote:[

Muffy: Not quite as famous as a donut, Works at the family business, and gets an honorary degree for donating to the University, but never actually took any classes. (just like her father.) She tried to run for politics but lost to LaDonna. Meanwhile, her father runs for politics in Elwood City and so The Crosswires live tax free.


Lol! Your joking right?

Ladonna is one of the worst options you could pick. Not just anyone can go into politics! You have to be able to handle all the pressure, campaigning and listening to the people. not too mention the background in business my family has it high reputation. I am the perfect fit just like me being mod of this forum.

There are people such as Francine who would make a great campaign manager. Binky would make a great bodyguard with his build.

Then there's Ladonna...not even sure she can shine my shoes. She can't even be organised. Either over planning or miss events by being forgetful and doing things with Arthur.

And Chip would never ditch the Crosswire business in such a way!
Muffy Crosswire
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Re: College Arthur:

Post by ArthurFrancineFan on Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:13 pm

Chip is destined to marry Catherine Frensky! They are perfect for each other Wink
I don't think Ladonna can even spell the word z
Politics, let alone run for office.
Muffy would run several companies, sleep around with several prominent business figures and basically stay ruthless and cunning with Binky as her well paid body guard

Francine would marry Arthur xxx their beliefs wouldn't be an issue. Arthur would probably work as a teacher while Francine studied sports and nutrition

Molly, Musician most definitely after a stint in Juvie

Rattles will most likely end up in rehab followed by prison

George, marries Sue Ellen and they travel the world as humanitarian workers
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Re: College Arthur:

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