Les Bunnehrables - An Arthur Musical (Casting)

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Les Bunnehrables - An Arthur Musical (Casting) Empty Les Bunnehrables - An Arthur Musical (Casting)

Post by Jekyll Jekyll Hyde on Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:45 am

You are the casting director for the new all Elwood production, 'Les Bunnehrables' (an Arthur take on 'Les Miserables'). Who would play a specific role the best? Note that characters from the 1200-page 'Les Bunnehrables' book are also included.
My picks:
Binky - Bink Valbink
Wally - Javert
Bud Compson - Convict #3
Bud Compson's hat - the Bishop of Lousiana
Muffy - Fantine
D.W - Cosette (Dora Winfresette)
James - Bunnius (Marius)
Pal - Thenardier
Kate - Mdme. Thenardier
Emily - Eponine (Emponine)
Amigo - Azelma
Carl - Gavroche (I acknowledge that the Tibbles would be better in this role, but that would not fit the weirdness of this list)
Molly - M. Gillenormand (who is to say that Gillenormand can't be a young girl instead?)
Francine - Enjolras (Franjolras)
Sue Ellen - Combeferre
Ladonna - Courfeyrac
Brain - Jean Prouvaire (Jean Powers, or Jekyll Prouvaire, 'cause I was JEKYLL JEKYLL HYDE JEKYLL HYDE...never mind, it's the potion again)
Buster - Bahorel (Bunnehorel)
George - Joly
Prunella - Bossuet
Marina - Feuilly
Fern - Grantaire (Francine Frensky/Franjolras IS a lesbian, isn't she?)
David Read - M. Mabeuf
Keiper - Montparnesse
Brown Dog - Claquesous
Rattles - Guelemer
Slink - Babet
Mr. Ratburn - Champmathieu (Ratmathieu)
Jane Read - A nun attracted to Bunnehorel
Apricots - Stolen by Bink Valbink from Bud Compson's hat. Keeps them in his pockets throughout the entire musical
Fudgy brown sludge - The barricade
Arthur - A random police inspector that Franjolras pulverizes.
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Les Bunnehrables - An Arthur Musical (Casting) Empty Re: Les Bunnehrables - An Arthur Musical (Casting)

Post by CMSAB11 on Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:07 pm

it's been a while since i read les mis since i read it in high school but from what i remember this is spot on casting  Laughing james as marius, d.w. as cosette, emily as eponine...binky would be a great jean valjean...
just now realizing muffy is d.w.'s mother WHOA
francine/fern...loving it
bud compson's hat is totally fitting for the bishop's role, i mean he is a true saint, look how he saved the world by revealing bud compson's bare naked head, he deserves more respect than he gets
also i'm glad you killed off arthur, bastard that he is
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