Dominant characters

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Dominant characters

Post by ArthurFrancineFan on Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:39 pm

Has anyone else noticed the lack of strong male characters in Arthur?
I think its great there's an emphasis on female leaders and the Francine, Molly, Muffy and even Sue Ellen have strong will, stand up for what they believe in and quite often, tell it like it is. DW is an example of an over spoiled brat so she's not really a strong likeable female for girls and boys IMO.
I just thought there would be some males on the show with a bit of backbone.
Okay one time Arthur punched DW in the arm because she broke his plane and well..who wouldn't want to hit DW?
It seems the boys are afraid of the girls
George, I like him but he's very meek
Buster gets scared easily
Arthur well .... Pretty much stands there like a lampshade and aside from Binky and Rattles, there do not appear to be any male characters with bravado.
The parents aren't, Mr Ratburn is strict but very odd.
Lol no wonder they haven't grown up.
What sort of pushover would poor Arthur be?
There's a chance for the ex tough customers but Molly still leads.
Just my thoughts:study: scratch scratch
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