Molly In Her Swimsuit

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Molly In Her Swimsuit

Post by Buster & Molly Lover on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:56 am

There needs to be another episode where It's Hot in Elwood City. And poor Buster can't find a place to swim so ether James or Mrs. MacDonald tells him It's okay for him to swim over at there pool. and Molly comes out in her blue swimsuit and Buster is in Shocked! Shocked He and Molly can swim in her pool and they can make out under the water and she'll probably brag about it to someone she knows.

Buster "Oh Man! I got my first kiss with a 6th Grader!"

Molly "Yeah I grabbed that little twerp and him some Tongue!"

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Buster & Molly Lover
Buster's Wants To Go To Molly's House!
Buster's Wants To Go To Molly's House!

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