Arthur fanfic: The Talent Show

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Arthur fanfic: The Talent Show

Post by MikaelaArsenault on Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:15 am

Buster: *sighs* I'll never be able to find a talent.

Bitzi: Is something wrong honey?

Buster: Yes mom. I'm trying to find something to do for the upcoming Spring talent show, and I am not having any luck.

Bitzi: You'll find something dear.

Buster: I guess you're right. Thanks mom.

At the school cafeteria...

Muffy: So, does anyone know what they are doing for the talent show?

Buster: I don't.

Muffy: I'm doing a song with my best friend, Francine. It's called We Are Friends.

Arthur: I'm going to play a piece on the piano, with Binky on Clarinet.

Fern: That sounds nice Arthur. I'm planning on reading a poem I wrote called Why I Like Spring.

Francine: Oh! Look at the time. Lunch will be over in a few minutes. I wonder if Mr. Ratburn will be talking about the talent show.

Mr. Ratburn: I'm sure everyone is aware about the upcoming Spring talent show that will be coming up in March. If anyone is interested, I have flyers that will talk about auditions and what is and what isn't allowed. You may take one after class.


Mr. Ratburn: Don't forget to take a flyer! A lot of you will do great at whatever you choose to do for your audition!

Buster: Want to come to my house?

Arthur: I have to watch DW and Kate, but thank you anyway.

Buster: That's okay. How about tomorrow?

Arthur: Sure!

The next afternoon...

Jane Read: How was school?

Arthur: It was great! Buster is coming over to my house!

David Read: Are you going to help him out with the talent show?

Arthur: If he needs it!

Jane: Let me know if you need help sweetie.

Arthur: Okay mom.

Arthur goes upstairs and waits for Buster to come.

A few minutes later..

Jane: Arthur! It's Buster!

Arthur: Coming!

Buster arrives.

Buster: Hi Arthur! Can you help me find something to do for the talent show?

Arthur: I can help you out.

Buster: It's not that easy though. I've been trying to find something, but looks like the stuff I want to do is taken.

Arthur and Buster look up stuff on the computer.

Buster: I'm not going to have enough time to find something. Auditions are in a few days!

Arthur: Why don't you ask Mr. Ratburn? Maybe he can help.

Buster: That's what I'm going to do. Thanks Arthur.
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Re: Arthur fanfic: The Talent Show

Post by MikaelaArsenault on Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:16 am

It's now Spring in Elwood City, and everybody starts getting excited about the warm weather. No more winter woes!

Francine: Are you ready to write the song?

Muffy: You know I am! We are so going to win this talent show!

Francine: I saw Buster over at Arthur's house.

Muffy: What were they doing?

Francine: Looking up talent show ideas.

Muffy: Oh please! They should already have an idea for what to do because the show is in a few days.

Francine: Let's go to my house.

*Music is heard when Francine and Muffy walk in*

Mrs. Frensky: Hi honey! How was school?

Francine: It was great! What's that music playing?

Mrs. Frensky: Oh! That's your sister practicing the clarinet!

Francine: The clarinet?! Me and Muffy are going to be writing a song for the talent show.

Muffy: It can wait Francine. Let's go and watch Catherine practice. Maybe I'll consider joining the band next year because of her!

Francine: But what about our song we are going to be writing? The talent show is before vacation!

*Catherine finishes practicing*

Catherine: Oh hi sis! I didn't even hear you come in.

Francine: Since when did you start practicing the clarinet?

Catherine: Now that it's past winter, I picked a new class and decided to join band!

Francine: Right. I forgot that you go to Elwood City High. Are you going to be doing marching band next year?

Catherine: Hopefully I can get in either marching, orchestra, or jazz band.

Francine: I like chorus, but cannot stand Dr. Fugue. He's like the strictest teacher in the whole school.

Muffy: Tell me about it. I would rather be a musician like Catherine instead of sticking to Chorus.

Francine: Maybe tomorrow we can talk to Dr. Fugue and tell him we will both considering not doing Chorus in 5th Grade.

Muffy: That's a great idea Francine!

Catherine: Good luck! I hope you get in sis!

*Catherine continues practicing her clarinet*

Francine: Let's go somewhere else so we can write our talent show song.

The next day...

Francine: Excuse me Mr. Ratburn? Can we go talk to someone?

Mr. Ratburn: Of course Miss Francine! Who would you like to go speak to?

Francine: Dr. Fugue. Muffy's coming with me.

Mr. Ratburn: Alright. Please come back before lunch. Here are you passes.

Both: Thanks Mr. Ratburn!

Francine and Muffy walk to Dr. Fugue's office when they hear something nasty.

Muffy: I hope Dr. Fugue is okay. He sounds really sick.

Francine: He probably just has a bad cold or something.

*Both of them walk in*

Dr. Fugue: Hello girls. How are you doing?

Francine and Muffy: Fine thank you.

Muffy: Are you okay Dr. Fugue?

Dr. Fugue: No I'm not. I have pneumonia.

Francine: Oh no... I hope it's not serious.

Dr. Fugue: It is unfortunately. But the doctor did say I can finish the school year though.

Francine: That's great!

Dr. Fugue: Oh. I see you have passes from Mr. Ratburn that are allowing you two to stay until before lunchtime.

Muffy: We need to talk to you about something important.

Dr. Fugue: Go right ahead Muffy.

Muffy: We aren't doing Chorus after this year.

Dr. Fugue: But why? You have a nice voice.

Muffy: We would like to do band instead.

Dr. Fugue: I understand. I'll miss having the both of you in chorus though.

Dr. Fugue: Let me call the band teacher and ask her if the both of you can audition right here in my room.

Francine: Woohoo! We might be doing band together next year!

Dr. Fugue: Yes. Mmmhmm. Are there still open spots left available for these two ladies? Great! They will be very happy to know that! Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Dr. Fugue: Well, good news! There's some open spots left in the band!

Muffy: What instruments are available?

Dr. Fugue: Not many, but there is the saxophone, drums, flute, clarinet, and piano.

Francine: That's it?

Dr. Fugue: Yes. Why don't you go on down and pick an instrument and come back when you are done.

Francine: Alright.

Miss Elizabeth: Why hello! I heard you are interested in joining the school band next year. Come on in!

Muffy: Where is Ms. Krasny? I thought she taught band.

Miss Elizabeth: She left.

Francine: Left?!

Miss Elizabeth: Yes. She ended up getting a new job somewhere else. She still teaches music around Elwood City, but just not here.

Muffy: Where are the instruments? I know which one I would like to pick!

Miss Elizabeth: Right over there.

Francine: I think you should go with the flute. It fits your personality.

Muffy: Ooh! It's so new and shiny too!

Francine: Pick that one Muffy.

Muffy: Did you pick yours already?

Francine: I'm going to play the saxophone.

Muffy: I remember when Joshua Redman came to the school and played Crazy Bus along with Yo-Yo-Ma.

Francine: And that's why I want to play the sax. Because of him.

Muffy: I totally forgot that he was even your uncle.

Miss Elizabeth: Did you pick your instruments?

Both: Yes.

Miss Elizabeth: Let me see them.

Miss Elizabeth: The both of you made great choices you know. They both suit your personality very well. Why don't you come and audition later on in the week for me at lunchtime or something if it's okay with Mr. Ratburn?

Francine: That would be great.

Muffy: Thank you!
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Re: Arthur fanfic: The Talent Show

Post by Kerry9Story on Tue May 01, 2018 7:44 pm

Muffy k sis we got this $hit?
Francine sis we got the FUCK out this $shit~

Francine im tired of hoes hatin cx i'm off in the club cuz
Francine dey niggas keep hollerin and showin me love
Muffy dont get mad at me girl it ain't my fault
Muffy dat this fit that I be fittin see ya boyfriend bouhgt

Muffy i pay the cost but now im the boss
Francine an u picked the fight but you see dat you lost
Francine 0utside of the spot girl lookin cause mess
Muffy gettin mad by the second cx im lookin the best

Francine i see ya homie and she lookin depressed cux
Francine my niggas pourin liquor all over her dress oops!
Muffy now she mad girl what you gon do
Muffy by the sound and the whispers of her weak ass crew

Francine but dey played into it and they
Francine get they a$$ stomp 0ut mabbe next time won't open they fucken mouth
Francine wit a timberland logo branded in they foreheadz

Muffy glass stickin out the side and the color is red~!

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Re: Arthur fanfic: The Talent Show

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