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Many characters love dessert.

Mr. Ratburn

This topic also belongs in the episode forum, be cause I am wondering which episode Arthur stuffs an entire cake (or slice of cake) in his mouth at the same time. It is the one from the refrigerator. I know there is an episode where D.W. says he is eating an entire cake and not even leaving crumbs for her. (D.W.'s Name Game) but there is an episode that can be seen on "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Video" But I am wondering: which is the original episode?

Another moment Arthur is eating an entire plate of cookies. This episode is Dad's Dessert Dilemma.

And the episode where Arthur plays that computer game and thinks he breaks the computer: he is not necessarily eating dessert, but he is eating rapidly.

This all came to an end during the episode where Arthur is over weight.

Buster Baxter is another kid that loves to eat, but his specialty is not cake. It is any thing strange. This makes him the best customer for Mrs. Powers and Mr. Read. Buster is also known for keeping stale, rotting food.

And there is Mr. Ratburn which is very shocking. While it is hilarious to have a strict teacher be come so excited about dessert that he chases people for it, He should be against any thing that is unhealthy. (unless the desserts are sugar free desserts.) It is an unexpected surprise with Mr. Ratburn.

But it seems that Arthur's character development revolves around three things: Dogs, Piano Concerts, and Eating Desserts.

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