Bath & Body Workscapades / Black Friday Stampede

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Bath & Body Workscapades / Black Friday Stampede

Post by A Lotta Moms on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:43 pm

[21:06:29] @ A Lotta Moms : I can picture the girls so well working at Bath & Body Works.

[21:06:42] @ A Lotta Moms : Muffy would be a natural at it. She'd be the top seller.

[21:07:10] GrebeGoddess : yes, she is the most business-smart of the gang after all

[21:07:17] @ A Lotta Moms : Francine, not so much. Sock odor is the only scent she knows much about.

[21:07:37] @ A Lotta Moms : Muffy'd eventually become the manager. But first, she'd have to overthrow Binky - the reigning Store Manager.

[21:07:38] GrebeGoddess : Sue Ellen would be the friendly associate helping out the shoppers

[21:07:51] GrebeGoddess : Fern would be...hmmm....any ideas?

[21:08:00] @ A Lotta Moms : Sue Ellen would do well too, since she seems to do well at most everything.

[21:08:16] @ A Lotta Moms : Fern would take the lotions and squirt them all over the floor and walls,

[21:08:22] @ A Lotta Moms : Creating abstract art.

[21:08:28] @ A Lotta Moms : Like Jackson Pollock.

[21:08:57] @ A Lotta Moms : And then get angry and vengeful when everyone else fails to understand her vision.

[21:09:54] GrebeGoddess : lol I so see her doing that!

[21:09:58] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna would be that sales associate who just can't shut up, and winds up driving the customers completely insane because she doesn't leave them alone.

[21:10:01] @ A Lotta Moms : That's so Fern.

[21:10:41] GrebeGoddess : one of the boys would be the sign waver, should it be Binky or Buster?

[21:11:27] @ A Lotta Moms : I think Buster

[21:11:59] GrebeGoddess : doing the bunny wiggle while waving the sign

[21:12:02] @ A Lotta Moms : I picture Binky as being so knowledgable about the products, he's the manager.

[21:12:20] @ A Lotta Moms : lol

[21:12:30] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster gets body spray in his eyes, so he can't see!

[21:12:53] @ A Lotta Moms : Falls over and knocks down the display, wiggling for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

[21:13:25] @ A Lotta Moms : Poor Jenna likely wouldn't do a great job, because nobody would want to buy from the ugly girl. So she'd work in the stock room.

[21:13:33] GrebeGoddess : how would they handle Black Friday? Laughing

[21:13:36] @ A Lotta Moms : Poor Jenna. Crying or Very sad

[21:13:45] @ A Lotta Moms : It would be utter chaos.

[21:13:59] GrebeGoddess : they would all huddle in a circle the morning of

[21:14:04] @ A Lotta Moms : Maria would just stand there by the entrance, holding a bottle of lotion and looking pretty.

[21:14:06] @ A Lotta Moms : Saying nothing.

[21:14:07] GrebeGoddess : before they even open the doors

[21:14:12] @ A Lotta Moms : She'd be a window display.

[21:14:21] GrebeGoddess : Buster would be like "I'm scared man..."

[21:14:24] WheeljackDude joined the chat on Wed 23 Jul 2014 - 21:14

[21:14:26] @ A Lotta Moms : Muffy would be the group cheerleader.

[21:14:30] @ A Lotta Moms : Welcome back

[21:14:43] GrebeGoddess : wb! they do a collective hi-five

[21:14:47] @ A Lotta Moms : I can picture the frightened look on Buster's face.

[21:15:04] GrebeGoddess : then they decide who's gonna open the doors

[21:15:13] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly shows up halfway through the day, with the sole purpose of sabotaging them.

[21:15:19] @ A Lotta Moms : And stealing stuff.

[21:15:29] GrebeGoddess : they eventually decide on Binky and Francine

[21:15:44] GrebeGoddess : once those doors are open, they all RUN LIKE HELL

[21:15:46] @ A Lotta Moms : Binky could well open the doors, but since he doesn't *HAVE* to anymore, he leaves it to Francine.

[21:15:55] @ A Lotta Moms : She grumbles, but does it anyway.

[21:16:21] GrebeGoddess : Arthur and Brain get trampled in the stampede

[21:16:26] @ A Lotta Moms : Maria gasps as the customers practically run her down.

[21:16:29] @ A Lotta Moms : lol

[21:16:51] GrebeGoddess : where's Alex?

[21:16:56] @ A Lotta Moms : I can absolutely picture this being an episode.

[21:17:09] @ A Lotta Moms : Alex might work in the stockroom

[21:17:29] @ A Lotta Moms : Or he'd be the supply guy who delivers stuff from the regional warehouse.

[21:17:39] @ A Lotta Moms : Only showing up every so often.

[21:17:57] @ A Lotta Moms : He'd nickname the supply truck "T Rex"

[21:18:28] GrebeGoddess : Now THIS would be the official TV adaptation of Arthur's Thanksgiving Laughing

[21:18:49] @ A Lotta Moms : Hell yeah

[21:18:51] GrebeGoddess : with a random turkey running around in the store as a gag

[21:19:34] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly shows up and deliberately re-arranges the products, putting them in the wrong places.

[21:19:56] GrebeGoddess : and George would entertain kids with Wally while the parents are shopping

[21:20:11] @ A Lotta Moms : Turning on the water in the sink area and leaving it running, and using the testers until they run out.

[21:20:25] WheeljackDude : That cat girl with the orange ponytail arrives just to re-arrange the products where they were.

[21:20:32] @ A Lotta Moms : Meanwhile, Slink slinks through the displays, pocketing stuff while nobody notices.

[21:20:35] @ A Lotta Moms : lol

[21:20:44] @ A Lotta Moms : George and Wally would be the greeters.

[21:21:15] @ A Lotta Moms : Maria is the window display, smiling faintly and holding up a bottle of Wild Honeysuckle.

[21:21:18] GrebeGoddess : Rattles puts weed in all the candles

[21:21:29] @ A Lotta Moms : Hah! He would, too.

[21:21:34] WheeljackDude : The cat girl with the orange ponytails grabs out a Lalaloopsy doll out the box and starts smacking Molly with it.

[21:21:40] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster doesn't complain.

[21:21:52] @ A Lotta Moms : And only laments that he's stuck out in the mall corridors and not inside the store.

[21:22:39] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna approaches the Tough Customers and irritates them so severely they're finally driven away.

[21:22:48] GrebeGoddess : hahahahaha!

[21:22:49] @ A Lotta Moms : Thinking she's just trying to sell them a product.

[21:23:20] @ A Lotta Moms : She tries to demonstrate the hair products on Bud, but he refuses to take off his hat.

[21:23:38] WheeljackDude : Ladonna: Come on, Bud... take off your hat. Bud: NO!

[21:24:08] @ A Lotta Moms : Meanwhile, Jane's arrived with D.W., who starts to throw a fit and knock over bottles of lotion all over the floor.

[21:24:27] @ A Lotta Moms : Because Jane isn't letting her go see the Mary Moo-Cow movie alone.

[21:24:40] GrebeGoddess : or she could suggest special pony soap or Crazy Bus Candles

[21:24:59] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster stops wiggling outside so he can stare at Jane's amazing figure.

[21:25:03] @ A Lotta Moms : Smashing idea!

[21:25:29] GrebeGoddess : in fact, she even draws her vision of what the products look like and shows it to the owner of the store lol

[21:25:46] @ A Lotta Moms : On her way out, Ladonna finally manages to interest Molly in a lotion.

[21:26:00] @ A Lotta Moms : "But before y'all go, just have a lookee here!"

[21:26:08] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly: What the fuck is this supposed to be?

[21:26:16] WheeljackDude : Cat girl with the orange ponytail: Hey! I was here first! (pulls Molly away)

[21:26:22] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna: This here lotion's made just for you! It smells like TROUBLE!

[21:26:40] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly lets out a girlish squeal and quickly proceeds to the checkout line.

[21:27:00] GrebeGoddess : would Brain be the financial analyst of the store?

[21:27:03] @ A Lotta Moms : Cat Girl's sold, too

[21:27:15] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna gets a bonus.

[21:27:28] @ A Lotta Moms : Definitely - Brain would work at the local corporate office

[21:27:30] GrebeGoddess : ROFLMFAO @ Molly's girlish squeal

[21:27:36] @ A Lotta Moms : He'd be a Sales Analyst or something like that.

[21:28:02] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly walks out of the store fully transformed back to Molly Muffinhead.

[21:28:12] @ A Lotta Moms : With a big, silly smile on her face.

[21:28:17] @ A Lotta Moms : It's like a commercial.

[21:28:52] WheeljackDude : Tough Customer Aardvark Girl: Looking good, Molly...

[21:29:05] @ A Lotta Moms : Meanwhile, Slink's making his way out the door with his baggy pants stuffed with things he pocketed.

[21:29:38] WheeljackDude : Prunella: Hey, Molly.

[21:29:45] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly takes her hand and they skip off down the mall corridor to Madonna music playing overhead.

[21:29:56] @ A Lotta Moms : Material Girl, only the muzak version.

[21:30:07] GrebeGoddess : LOL

[21:30:14] GrebeGoddess : *credits roll*

[21:30:22] GrebeGoddess : or any other scenes?

[21:30:28] @ A Lotta Moms : Over the wiggling Buster and past the Gay Mallrats

[21:30:40] @ A Lotta Moms : I think that's a wrap!

[21:30:46] @ A Lotta Moms : Of course, we could probably go on for hours

[21:30:51] @ A Lotta Moms : There's so much potential in this

[21:30:57] GrebeGoddess : while poor Arthur is bruised and glasses broken from the stampede

[21:31:23] @ A Lotta Moms : The normal Arthur credits theme would be replaced with this:

[21:31:47] @ A Lotta Moms : Confused, Arthur wanders into the Girls' room.

[21:32:14] @ A Lotta Moms : Of course, we all know that Arthur can see fairly well without his glasses and just uses it as an excuse to raid the Girls' room like he did in Arthur's Eyes.

[21:32:15] WheeljackDude : Maria: What the..? Get out! Ladonna: Yeah. Out. NOW!

[21:32:48] GrebeGoddess : he a creeper (Wink)

[21:32:56] @ A Lotta Moms : Arthur kicks in the first stall door. Sue Ellen's just pulling up her pants and kicks the door back at him, smashing his face and breaking his nose.

[21:33:06] @ A Lotta Moms : So he kicks in the second door. Maria's sitting down and gasps.

[21:33:25] @ A Lotta Moms : He kicks in the third door, and finds Fern kneeling down drinking out of the toilet.

[21:33:29] @ A Lotta Moms : As usual.

[21:33:32] @ A Lotta Moms : lol

[21:33:33] GrebeGoddess : this is when they're 18 right?

[21:33:39] @ A Lotta Moms : OF COURSE!

[21:33:50] WheeljackDude : Fourth stall - Nobody's in it.

[21:33:56] GrebeGoddess : ok, just making sure (Wink)

[21:34:13] @ A Lotta Moms : I think we should log this in Chatplay.
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Re: Bath & Body Workscapades / Black Friday Stampede

Post by Kerry9Story on Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:46 am

Sam used work there.

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