Camp Bunny Batter

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Camp Bunny Batter

Post by A Lotta Moms on Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:24 pm

[18:28:17] WheeljackDude : A Camp Meadowcroak bus arrives at the Compsons' house.

[18:32:14] WheeljackDude : Ladonna steps in the bus, and...

[18:33:19] @ A Lotta Moms : It gets flat tire.

[18:33:23] @ A Lotta Moms : But is no problem.

[18:33:27] @ A Lotta Moms : Because it's only flat on the bottom.

[18:34:33] WheeljackDude : Cisely: Write to me, Ladonna!

[18:34:56] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna: Yeah, yeah. (Ladonna isn't paying attention, as usual)

[18:35:41] WheeljackDude : Cisely: And don't complain about Camp Meadowcroak!

[18:36:11] @ A Lotta Moms : She's still not paying attention, watching random birds fly overhead.

[18:37:35] WheeljackDude : Ladonna: I remember one season ago, Prunella had ptomaine poisoning after dinner one night...

[18:40:09] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna: We dumped her body in the lake.

[18:40:58] WheeljackDude : Prunella: I'm still alive!

[18:41:32] WheeljackDude : Prunella was sitting behind Ladonna and Maria.

[18:41:36] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna: Dammit, Prunie! Yer messin' up mah story!

[18:41:50] @ A Lotta Moms : Ladonna dunks her head back underwater and waits until the bubbles stop coming up.

[18:42:45] WheeljackDude : Becky: Welcome to Camp Meadowcroak, troops!

[18:43:53] WheeljackDude : Becky: One season ago, the idea of shutting down this camp is just a silly rumor.

[18:44:15] WheeljackDude : Becky: Buster, this season, the mess hall is off limits except during breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

[18:44:38] @ A Lotta Moms : Becky: Buster? Buster?

[18:44:52] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster's off in the mess hall, eating the semi-prepared food.

[18:45:16] @ A Lotta Moms : With his bare hands.

[18:45:46] @ A Lotta Moms : Which he washed thoroughly in the cake batter.

[18:45:52] WheeljackDude : Becky pulls Buster out of the mess hall.

[18:46:02] WheeljackDude : Becky: I told you before! The mess hall is off limits! Do you understand me?!

[18:46:07] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster: Nooooooooo!

[18:46:33] @ A Lotta Moms : Buster's hands are outstretched, smeared with food and junk.

[18:47:31] WheeljackDude : Becky: We need to teach that kid a lesson...

[18:48:05] @ A Lotta Moms : They take him out to the middle of the lake, throw him in, and drive off.

[18:51:51] WheeljackDude : At the mess hall, the lunch was hot dogs and tater tots.

[18:53:46] @ A Lotta Moms : Arthur's really enjoying the cake.

[18:54:08] @ A Lotta Moms : It tastes strangely familiar, but he can't quite figure out why...

Buster Cake by TanyaMarcy:
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