See No Evil

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See No Evil

Post by A Lotta Moms on Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:14 pm

[21:47:31] WheeljackDude : Paramedics tried to revive Marina, and...

[21:47:46] BionicBunny : were unsuccessful

[21:48:11] @ A Lotta Moms : Not even Corey with his lifeguard training could do much to save the day.

[21:48:19] @ A Lotta Moms : Sally could only look on in horror...

[21:48:29] BionicBunny : blind retard shouldn't have tried to drive her moms car

[21:48:30] @ A Lotta Moms : I blame Prunie for distracting her.

[21:48:39] WheeljackDude : Marina was rushed to the local hospital, and....

[21:49:17] @ A Lotta Moms : At least she died with the loving aroma of pizza in her nostrils.

[21:50:05] WheeljackDude : Funeral Director: We gather today for the death of Marina Dattilo...

[21:50:26] WheeljackDude : Mrs. Dattilo: *sniff*

[21:51:05] BionicBunny : she was dead weight that other kids parents made to drag her around

[21:52:23] WheeljackDude : Funeral Director: Does anyone have a few words about Marina?

[21:53:11] @ A Lotta Moms : Binky: I do, I do!

[21:53:20] @ A Lotta Moms : Binky: Marina, what does Heaven look like?

[21:53:57] BionicBunny : Prunella:Marina.was my best best lover

[21:54:33] WheeljackDude : Nancy: Marina was a great person...*sniff*

[21:54:48] WheeljackDude : Marina is not responding to Binky, since she's dead.

[21:55:45] BionicBunny : Binky farts on Marina's casket and spits on her grave

[21:56:17] @ A Lotta Moms : That's what she gets for ignoring him!

[21:57:03] @ A Lotta Moms : Ms. Sweetwater: I'll never forget the time our little Marina got confused and took a dump in the janitor's closet.

[21:57:19] @ A Lotta Moms : John Morris: Me neither!

[21:57:25] @ A Lotta Moms : John Morris: *hic*

[21:57:34] WheeljackDude : Maria's casket gets lowered into the grave.

[21:58:02] WheeljackDude : The pallbearers put the dirt back in.

[21:58:27] @ A Lotta Moms : Marina wakes up from her coma, but since she can't see shit, she doesn't realize that she's in a casket being buried alive.

[21:58:35] WheeljackDude : The tombstone reads -- Marina Dattilo - Beloved daughter.

[21:58:42] @ A Lotta Moms : She just assumes she's laying in bed at home, and tries to go back to sleep.

[21:58:59] @ A Lotta Moms : As the oxygen gradually starts to run out..

[21:59:34] WheeljackDude : Marina tries to open the casket, and...

[22:01:06] @ A Lotta Moms : Alas, too much dirt.

[22:02:01] @ A Lotta Moms : They hear her kicking inside of the casket, but figure it'd be a waste to have paid $10,000 for the funeral if it's all for nothing.

[22:02:19] @ A Lotta Moms : So Morris keeps piling on the dirt.

[22:02:24] WheeljackDude : Prunella: Marina won't be seeing the rest of the Henry Skreever movies...

[22:03:18] @ A Lotta Moms : Molly: Not like she was able to see them in the first place.
A Lotta Moms
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Re: See No Evil

Post by Kerry9Story on Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:47 pm

well thats sad.

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