Sean. The Other Rat Meat.

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Sean. The Other Rat Meat.

Post by A Lotta Moms on Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:49 pm

[23:17:11] WheeljackDude : Wanda: Thank you for inviting your boyfriend over for dinner, Rubie....
[23:18:33] WheeljackDude : Rubella: No problem....

[23:19:01] @ A Lotta Moms : Wanda: I haven't had a slice of supple, young rat flesh in months!
[23:19:32] WheeljackDude : Sean: Rat... flesh?
[23:19:47] @ A Lotta Moms : Rubella sets the table, and Wanda carves the Sean.
[23:20:26] @ A Lotta Moms : The next day, Chip swings by and gives the Deegans a voucher for $1,000 off their next used car as a token of his appreciation.
[23:22:25] WheeljackDude : At Sean's house...
[23:22:41] WheeljackDude : Sean's mother: (crying) My son is dead!
[23:23:02] @ A Lotta Moms : Rubella: No!
[23:23:07] @ A Lotta Moms : Rubella: He lives on, within us!
[23:23:25] @ A Lotta Moms : Prunella shows up, wearing his hat.
[23:24:06] @ A Lotta Moms : Prunella: He was a little tough to pass through the old intestines, but yeah...definitely within us.
[23:24:32] WheeljackDude : Sean's ghost appears.
[23:24:46] WheeljackDude : Sean's ghost: Why did you guys eat me?!
[23:24:58] @ A Lotta Moms : Rubella: Because we were hungry.
[23:25:12] @ A Lotta Moms : Prunella: Duh.
[23:26:18] WheeljackDude : The officers arrive at the Deegans house.
[23:26:31] WheeljackDude : Officer: Wanda Deegan, you're under arrest for cannibalism!
[23:27:08] @ A Lotta Moms : Wanda: Huh? He was a rat! We're poodles!
[23:27:19] @ A Lotta Moms : Wanda: Nowhere near the same species!
[23:27:31] @ A Lotta Moms : Officer # 2: I, uh...guess she's right.
A Lotta Moms
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