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Re: M0D

Post by Muffy Crosswire on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:53 pm

Ugh, do you ever read my dot points? I have done:

- Classy Classics Club
- Two parties - Halloween and mod party.
- Created activity - my threads have high view counts compared to others, to be potentially converted to new members.

I would have done more but the "frog" accident got in the way! WHICH IS All YOUR FAULT! you guys are lucky I don't just withdraw.
Muffy Crosswire
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Little Miss Mod - Moderator

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Re: M0D

Post by ArthurFrancineFan on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:35 pm

Um...Muffy dear
1. I have no power to turn you into a frog/change user names
2. You didn't invite everyone to your Halloween "party'
because you deliberately excluded Fudgy and me
3. You made fun of George on this forum by calling him " Vomitrocious " with his nosebleeds he cannot help.
4. You dislike NO despise Buster...for what? He doesn't fit your standards?
5. You criticized Megs beautiful artwork of Molly and girls with curves
6. You place blame on other members such as myself and Fudgy... Not to mention others who aren't here because yoy scared them off
7.You forced Francine to choose between you and myself. Why could she not have both? (She chose me) heehee
8. You deserved to be a toad.
9. I've been a long standing member who has promoted the slums via Deviant Art and FFN, granted fan fiction might not have been the best place to advertise but I tried
10. You're a judgemental money hungry fat ass
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb

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