Tough Customers Short #1 Eat My Shorts!

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Tough Customers Short #1 Eat My Shorts!

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:36 pm

The short begins with Binky, Rattles, Molly and Slink at the Burger Barn. The camera cuts to a conversation with the four of them sitting at a table with Cheeseburgers and fries. Binky, Rattles and Slink finished off all their food but Molly only ate half of her burger.

Binky: Hey Molly? Are you gonna finish that burger?

Molly: *sighs* Go ahead. *pushes the plate towards him*

Binky: *picks up the burger* Thanks! *takes a big bite out of it*

*A cartoonish munch is heard*

Molly: Garbage Disposal....

Rattles: Well Molly you need to eat to keep your strength up! Look at you! You're skinnier than Slink!

Molly: That's because I am a girl.

Slink: Well I have a fast metabolism. *raises his hand for a the waiter* Check please!

Waiter hands them the check to which they pay for it all in cash.

Binky: *finishes the burger and puts his hands on his stomach* Mmmmm!

Slink: *points at another table full of half eaten food* Hey Binkes! Look! There a ton of uneatten fries over there!

Binky: *getting up from the booth* Move over Slink!

Slink: *gets up out of the chair*

Binky sneaks over to the table making sure no one is looking. He sniffs a burger and starts eating it. He eats a few fries and stuffs them in his pocket continuing to stuff his face until.....

Bus Boy: Hey! *gets mad that Binky is not listening* HEY! *grabs his tray and slams it on the table starling Binky*

Binky: *yelps and runs back to his table*

The Bus Boy asks the Tough Customers to leave and points his finger out the door.

The next scene fades in as the Tough Customers are a bit irritated with Binky while walking home.

Molly: Thanks alot, Binky!

Rattles: You're such a fatty rat eating everyone's food!

The Tough Customers music plays from The Law of the Jungle Gym

Binky: Look whose talking! You're fat too Rattles!

Rattles: Hey! I am all muscle! Muscle weighs more than fat you know! You're fat because you eat everyone's food!

Binky: Well look at Slink, he likes to eat alot too! And look how skinny he is!

Slink: That's because I have a fast metabolism and I am always skateboarding!

Molly: *getting annoyed* Just drop it you guys...

Rattles: Fine! I'll to see something Binky eat some that's not even edible! I'll bet you 10 dollars he won't eat something that isn't edible!

Binky: You're on!

That Night...

It's 1-o' clock in the morning. Rattles, Molly and Slink are sleeping. Binky wearing a ski mask sneaks into their houses, quietly taking all their clothes, socks, shoes and underwear. Without any kind of peep. After Binky takes all of Molly's clothing, she tries to sneak out the open bedroom window of James's room. Only to make too much noise waking him up.

James: *screams* A Monster! Mom!!! There's a monster in my room!

James's and Molly's Mother: *comes into the room yawning* You were probably just having a nightmare James. Go back to bed now. *leaves the room turning off the light*

Binky: *hiding in a bush* That was close!

Binky sneaks back to his house, goes into his bedroom and starts biting into Rattles's Boxers. Swallowing it whole! Then presides to eating Slink's Boxers and Molly's clothes. Binky stays up of all night eating their clothes.

The next morning, Rattles complains that he can't find any clothes or any boxers to wear.

Rattles: *calling from another room* Mom! Where is my clothes?

Rattles's Mother: They should be there!

Rattles: *calling* They're not! Can you please look!

Rattles's Mother: *sighs and leaves her kitchen chair*

Doing recess, the Tough Customers except Binky had to wear loose, baggy, clothes that wear obviously way too big on them. Binky laughs at the them when the climb up the Tower of Pain.

Binky: Hahahahaha! What happened to you guys? You look like curtains!

Molly: *getting angry* broke into our house last night didn't you!?

Binky: *starts to sweat a little*

Slink: You did! Didn't you!?

Binky: I...uh.....I ate your shorts! They were delicious!

Rattles: Thanks for eating our underwear! You son of a....

Rattles, Molly and Slink begin to chase after Binky as he runs away screaming into the horizon as everyone watching.

Binky: *running away* Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone else laughs.

The End


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Re: Tough Customers Short #1 Eat My Shorts!

Post by A Lotta Moms on Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:18 am

Binky eating Molly's underwear...for some reason, I wouldn't put it past him for a second.
Anyway, nice work!  Hope to see more in the near future.  Wink
A Lotta Moms
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Re: Tough Customers Short #1 Eat My Shorts!

Post by Buster & Molly Lover on Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:55 pm

Very Funny Shit! Laughing
Buster & Molly Lover
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Re: Tough Customers Short #1 Eat My Shorts!

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