Arthur Short Stories: When Tough Customers Attack! Discussion

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Arthur Short Stories: When Tough Customers Attack! Discussion

Post by The Pop Cult Gamer on Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:25 am

Disclaimer: These fan fictions are meant for comedy purposes only. They are not meant to hate on characters or insult them in anyway. The violence in these shorts is unrealistic, slapstick and crazy. What I mean by crazy is the Tough Customers fighting them with very unusual physics not seen in the Arthur universe. The fighting contains air combos and hyper combos as seen in the Marvel VS Capcom series.

Okay. So I have started a little series of fan fiction shorts called "When Tough Customers Attack!" This was inspired by the skit on The Amanda Show called "When *insert name here* Attack!" So far I have created the first short where they beat up Ed Crosswire.

The next characters I have planned for them to attack include these:

Oliver Frensky
Mr. Ratburn
Mr. Haney
Dr. Fugue
Pickles the Clown
Jimmy Johnny "J-Cube" Johnson
Supreme Dog *featuring my Adult Sonic and Amy as guesses*
HUGO 3.0 (this one will have them inside the computer)
Borugard Poulett (the mascot of Chicken Licken)
Mr. Fritz Lanely
Francis Puffeau
Mrs. Tibble
Ms. Morgan
Marie Helene
Carl Maneno (the Sugar Bowl owner)
Paige Turner
Ramone Molina
Mrs. Molina
Bitzi Baxter
Mr. Marco
Harry Mills
Alberto Molina
Sean (Catherine's love interest)
Ms. Sweetwater
Mrs. Powers
The employees at Yumbobo

There are certain characters I will not have the Tough Customers beat up for specific reasons:

Grandpa Dave - Since he is suffering from Alzheimer's since Season 15. It would probably kill him.

Mrs. MacGrady - Although she survived Cancer. It would still be insensitive to have the Tough Customers beat her up.

Carl - It would cause a lot of controversy and it would offend people with Aspergers such as myself. It would also be insensitive to have characters beat up a kid with a learning disability.
The Pop Cult Gamer
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Re: Arthur Short Stories: When Tough Customers Attack! Discussion

Post by Buster & Molly Lover on Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:49 am

I got to start reading them sometime! Very Happy
Buster & Molly Lover
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