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  2. Humor : God Bless the Queen
    Rank: Shady Character
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    Humor : Witty, Dry, rude, obscure, nuts..
    Usergroups: Slums Mama
    Rank: Slums Mama
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    Humor : I Can't Get It Up!
    Usergroups: Buster's Wants To Go To Molly's House!
    Rank: Buster's Wants To Go To Molly's House!
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    Humor : I fought Byzantines, Mongols, British, Napoleon, and even Nazis... all with a mouse and keyboard
    Rank: Dead of Slept
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    Humor : Silly. Fluctuatingly smart and dumb. DIrty, but only on the full moon.
    Rank: Downs Clown
Snowth Poogle

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Homeless Santa - Global Moderator
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